In 2005, the founder of Zend was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer, at just 24 years old. Existing pharmaceuticals couldn’t help his illness, so he searched for a natural cure.

After years of research and development, using some of the smartest minds in the world, he is proud to share his signature elixir, Zend.


“The mind and the body are inextricably linked; the fastest way to heal our body is to heal our mind. Zend creates a sense of relaxation that promotes healing and helps you  nd peace in the more challenging times that inevitably come with life in our modern world.” 

- Steve Curtis


Investor, entrepreneur, adventurer and revolutionary thought leader. Raised by a low-income single mother, Steve started his first business at 19 with a $500 credit card and grew it into a business with a half-billion dollar valuation before he sold it. Today, he leads a group of globally-impactful companies and non-profits spanning natural pharmaceuticals, CPG, film, hospitality, technology and venture capital.

Steve’s career trajectory changed radically at age 24 when he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer for which there was no cure and only 2 years left to live. Steve hired an MD, built a research team and traveled the world to develop a cure. From researchers at global expert centers like Yale and Stanford, to healers and shamans in far off jungles, he sought to cure the incurable. Learning he couldn’t make a drug fast enough, he followed the trail of “spontaneous remission,” setting the prognosis-defying goal of summitting Mt. Everest instead. Five years later, he had done both. Healing without the use of any modern medicine, he was left with unquestionable truth and a vision for changing medicine globally.

Steve channeled his passion into writing a book to teach his insights, creating a foundation to advance research in healing, and developing a number of businesses that all center around creating the state of awareness that allowed him to heal.

Steve has become an influential leader in international politics, and has influenced the lives of millions of people through the products he has created. His venture capital business is advancing new perspectives in science, medicine and technology with investments in AI, quantified self, VR, AR, spiritual science, block-chain, and psychedelic medicine.

Steve regularly shares his story on global stages and he and his organizations have been covered in 100’s of publications including NYT, WSJ, CNN, MSNBC, CBC, CTV, TGM and Reuters International.

Zend was created from a desire to inspire humanity to live more joyful, heart-centered lives; to unite a global movement of peace-seekers through nourishing mind, body, and soul. We are creating a brighter, abundant, and more peaceful world where together we can #MakePeacePopular once more.


“Zend is amazing at helping and a place of peace. Meditation is deeper and more impactful.”

Victor Chan, Co Author of three books with the Dalai Lama


“I have had a lifelong interest in the role of the mind, body and spirit in health. Zend calms the mind, alleviating states of stress.”

Dr Hal Gunn, Founder of Inspire Health leader in integrative medicine


“Nature has developed all the solutions we need for better health and wellbeing. Zend is the best nature has to offer in this category.”

Wade Davis– Ethnographer, Curator of TED, 3 TED talks